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How NDO Helps Dental Students Job Hunt Effectively

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How Dental Recruitment Services Helps Dental Students Job Hunt Effectively

It’s easier to find a dental associateship when you package yourself the right way and have good connections. However, dental students often have a difficult time getting a foot in the door. This is where Henry Schein Dental Recruitment Services can provide valuable assistance. We help students who are looking for associateships through every step of the job-seeking process.[1]

We Offer a Large Network of Industry Contacts

The first service we offer is a large network of potential jobs. Clients come to us in large numbers knowing that we give them access to many candidates. Our trusted connection with many practice owners and managers makes us a valued partner, and it means that students will have access to many good jobs.

Dental Recruitment Services has a network that’s broader than other placement agencies. Keep in mind, many dental associate positions don’t get published on traditional job boards. Instead, a recruiter would fill them quickly with their own network of people without even publicly posting them. At Dental Recruitment Services, we have access to many of these exclusive, private searches. The only way to know about them is to partner with us.[2]

Clients come to us because we work with many qualified students. In turn, students work with us because they know that we have industry relationships. It is a win-win for everyone.

Help With Writing Your Curriculum Vitae

While we pride ourselves on how we match the right practice with the right candidate, we are about more than that. There is much more than just posting a job listing or handing a resume to a hiring employer. We help make our job candidates more attractive to practices.

It all begins with your resume. If you’re a student searching for your first associateship, we understand that you’re new to the process. You may not know the best ways to sell yourself. While you may have credentials and some experience, it’s important to highlight it in a way that makes your resume stand out.

Our recruiters can review your CV and provide helpful feedback, both in terms of structure and substantive entries. Beyond that, we’ll help you write about your qualities. This is a skill that will help you both now and in the future.

We Work With You on Interview Skills

After you’ve developed a good dental CV and submitted it, an employer could reach out to you for an interview. This may be the most important part of your job search because personal chemistry can make or break your candidacy. We work with our candidates, helping them refine their interview skills to make them better candidates.

A dental practice is trying to learn how you’ll interact with patients and handle everyday situations in the office. They also want to know how you’ll fit into the practice. They do this by meeting with you in person and/or over the phone. While your credentials are apparent from your CV, the dental practice wants to understand the person behind the resume. Job interviewing requires specific skills beyond having a good personality.

The dental interview can be unique in several ways. With our extensive experience, we can prepare you for what to expect and give you tips on how to answer questions and present yourself. Our support could ultimately help you be more confident during the interview.

Assisting You on Follow-Ups

Even after the interview, you need to effectively sell yourself. We will help you master this art. There is a delicate balance that you are trying to strike after an interview. We can help you with the proper strategy for following up with the employer in a way that reiterates your interest in the position. Keep in mind that dental practices may do face-to-face interviews with dozens of candidates. Your follow-up performance could help you stand out.

Teaching You to Negotiate Employment Packages

Finally, when a dental office is ready to make you an offer, we assist with negotiating an employment agreement. Every hire may be subject to different terms, and you can ask for certain things in the employment agreement. You don’t have to accept all the terms that the dental office offers, especially when you might have multiple associateship offers from which to choose. Negotiation skills can help you get a more rewarding job offer.

While you may feel comfortable working with patients, employment negotiation might not be your strong suit. They don’t always teach this in dental school. Don’t worry; we’ll help you understand the process and navigate an area where there can be many pitfalls. Then, you’ll understand the implications of what you are signing and be empowered to seek an advantageous agreement.

When searching for an associateship as a student, you don’t want to work with a placement agency that puts up listings and leaves you to your own devices. Instead, partner with an agency that will show you how to get the jobs. Contact National Dental Opportunities to learn how we can make you a better candidate.


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