How to Prepare for a Dental Associate Interview

How to Prepare for a Dental Associate Interview

Preparing for a dental associate interview can be stressful. On the bright side, you’ve done all the hard work already. You took the Dental Admission Test, obtained your dental degree, and passed the National Board Dental Examinations. Now, all you have to do is make a good first impression, devise exceptional answers to interview questions, and brilliantly showcase your skills to future employers. If you’re feeling the pressure, there are many different measures you can take to prepare for the interview process. This will increase your chances of someone offering you a position. Here are some helpful tips on how to prepare for a dental associate interview.

Do your research

During your interview, the dental practice owner will likely ask you a question regarding what you know about their practice. They want to know why you want to work there specifically. Replying that you know little or nothing about the practice makes you appear indifferent and under-prepared, which doesn’t make a very good impression. In addition to avoiding embarrassing yourself in front of the interviewer, doing your research is also important to determine if the position is a good fit. As such, you should always take the time to check out the practice’s website, social media accounts, and any other relevant sources you can find.

Gather evidence

Gathering evidence of your skills and abilities will help you make a convincing argument as to why the dental owner should hire you. Before your interview, consider compiling relevant information and documents that help showcase your skillset. This includes your production numbers or procedure log, resume, before and after photos, letters of recommendations, and treatment plans. While they may never ask you to present such examples, having them ready could give you an extra edge and help you land the job.

Practice answering questions

Common topics that dental associate interview questions center around often regard your clinical, interpersonal communication, and leadership skills. As such, you should practice providing answers to such questions and prepare examples that showcase your skills in these areas. Doing so will help you avoid having to come up with rushed answers on the spot that doesn’t do your abilities justice.

Prepare to ask questions

The interviewer isn’t the only one who should be asking questions—the dental associate interview process is a two-way street. The dentist-owner will try to determine if you would be a good fit for the position. At the same time, you should try to determine if working at the practice is in line with your personal career goals. As such, you should have a list of questions that you want answered to get a full picture of the company. Questions regarding benefits, growth opportunities, company culture, and patient load are all especially important.

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