Top Recruiting Strategies for Your Dental Practice

Top Recruiting Strategies for Your Dental Practice

It’s no secret that in order to run a successful dental practice, you’re going to need to find and hire top talent. Unfortunately, recruiting such talent has become a lot more complicated than it used to be in the days when “help wanted” signs were enough to attract worthy candidates. Today, developing an effective recruiting strategy is essential. Here are some of the top recruiting strategies for your dental practice to help you attract the exceptional employees you require.

Rely on employee referrals

If you already have several exceptional employees working at your practice, asking them for referrals can be an incredibly effective recruiting strategy. Because they will be vouching for the person they refer, employees are likely to only recommend people who they feel are qualified for the job and who would mesh well with the company culture. As such, you can spend less time combing through endless stacks of resume’s which could be loaded with false information and fill your open position as quickly as possible.

Utilize job boards

In the modern world, many people scope out the internet when searching for open job positions. For this reason, online job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster are growing increasingly popular among today’s job searchers. As such, posting openings for positions such as hygienists and office managers on such online job boards can be incredibly helpful for reaching a wide audience of applicants in a relatively short time frame. When creating your listing, make sure to provide plenty of detail in the job description—particularly the requirements section—so that you can decrease the number of unsuitable applicants you attract.

Scope out dental schools

If you’re looking for someone to manage billing, you may want to go through your local professional school. Dental schools are packed with hundreds of dental students looking for jobs in the near future. As such, they are a great place to find well-educated candidates for your open positions. Consider attending dental school job fairs or asking professors for references to see if any top students would be interested in joining your team.

Enlist the aid of a recruitment agency

Due to the expertise required to find skilled, experienced employees who will work well in your unique company culture and are aligned with your practice’s goals, enlisting the help of recruiting specialists can be extremely beneficial. Such agencies are dedicated to simplifying the hiring process and connecting you with exceptional candidates in the shortest amount of time possible. Hiring a full-service recruitment agency that has contacts and does candidate screening is especially useful when filling higher-level positions in your practice, such as dentist openings. For the best results, choose a recruitment agency that specifically handles dental, like Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities.

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