Tips for Hiring a Great Orthodontic Team

Tips for Hiring a Great Orthodontic Team

Dental practices are only as good as the sum of all their parts. As such, running a successful dental practice starts with crafting an excellent orthodontic team. After all, you could have the best equipment and the nicest office but if you don’t have qualified, hard-working employees, your business is likely to fail. To hire the best possible people for the job, consider these tips for hiring a great orthodontic team.


Don’t rush through the hiring process

It is understandable to want to fill an open position as quickly as possible. However, choosing to rush through the hiring process could do far more harm than good. By hiring the first person you find with a decent resume, you risk picking someone who doesn’t work well with your team and doesn’t commit to helping move your practice forward. As a result, you’ll waste time and a considerable amount of money by hiring the wrong person. As such, it is best to take your time during the hiring process to hire the best person possible on your first try.

Craft a detailed job description

To attract the right applicants, a detailed job description is paramount. Your job description should clearly outline the exact skillsets required for the role. You also want to give the applicant a firm understanding of the job responsibilities and your expectations for them. In doing so, applicants will be better able to determine if the position is right for them which will decrease frustration and save both parties a lot of time.

Conduct multiple interviews

Ideally, an applicant should undergo around three rounds of interviews before an employer offers them the job. Doing so will give you the best understanding of their skills, expectations, and how well they will fit in with your team. The first interview should typically revolve around understanding the applicant’s skill set and job history. The next interview should flesh out the applicant’s career goals and growth potential. For the last interview, consider getting your current team members involved. Let your employees ask questions and watch how they interact to decide if the candidate would be a good fit at your practice.

Ask the right interview questions

Once you have a quality potential candidate sitting in front of you, it’s important to ask them questions that will sufficiently help you determine whether or not they are right for your team. A great way to do so is by asking open-ended questions. Such questions allow the applicant to craft detailed responses that provide you with far more insight than a simple one-word answer.

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