Team-Building Ideas for Dental Practices

Team-Building Ideas for Dental Practices

On the long list of daily tasks that need to get done for your dental practice to operate effectively, team building may not seem like a top priority. However, it is important not to underestimate the importance of bonding activities.

Setting aside some time to do team-building activities with the staff of your dental practice can have numerous benefits. For example, team-building activities can improve productivity, increase morale, fuel motivation, foster effective communication, and improve your dental office culture. If such benefits appeal to you—and they should—consider trying out some of these effective team-building ideas for dental practices.

Spend some time together outside of the office

A change of scenery can be extremely beneficial when it comes to helping your team bond. While you don’t want to cut too much into your employees’ free time, consider having a quarterly out-of-office event where your team can get to know each other outside of work. Examples of common out-of-office team-bonding activities could include bowling, going to an escape room, taking a nature walk, taking a class together, going to a sports game, or playing some mini-golf. The possibilities are endless. To ensure that the bonding activity is a success, try to tailor it to the interests of your employees as much as possible.

Have a monthly team lunch

You likely won’t have much time to set aside to team-building activities during the day. As such, you should consider taking advantage of lunch breaks to squeeze in some team building. Once a month, consider taking your team out for a nice lunch. They’ll surely appreciate the free meal, and getting away from the work environment will provide a nice opportunity to bond with one another in a neutral, relaxed setting.

Have regular morning meetings

While sporadic team-building activities can provide a nice change of pace, you’re going to need to do something a little more consistent to really help your team stay connected. An easy way to do so is by having regular morning meetings. Taking just a few minutes at the start of every morning to check in with your team can make a big difference. During this meeting, take the time to see how everyone is doing and what they have on their plate for the day. In addition, you should also fill your team in on any updates and recognize any accomplishments, promotions, or achievements your team has made. Doing so will help build morale and improve communication in your office.

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