Dos and Don’ts for A Dental Associate Job Interview

Dos and Don’ts for A Dental Associate Job Interview

If you’re new to the job interview process, it can be hard to know exactly what or what not to do during a dental associate job interview. While each dental practice interview process will be different, there are a few general guidelines that apply to virtually any interview situation. To give yourself the best chance of being offered the job, adhere to these helpful dos and don’ts for a dental associate job interview.

What to do during a dental associate job interview

  • Do practice interview questions. Practicing with potential dental associate interview questions can help you prepare quality answers and feel more comfortable when faced with similar questions in your real interview.
  • Do know what you want. Before heading into a job interview, you should have a good idea of your ideal work environment, future career goals, and salary. Knowing what you want ahead of time will help you determine if the practice is a good fit for you during your interview.
  • Do dress appropriately. During a job interview, it is better to be a little too formal than underdressed. To avoid appearing disinterested or unserious about the job prospect, make sure to dress nicely in professional-looking attire.

What not to do during a dental associate job interview

  • Don’t “wing it.” There’s a time and place in life for spontaneity, but your dental associateship job interview isn’t it. To give yourself the best chance of landing the job, it is important to plan ahead, do your research on the practice, and prepare properly.
  • Don’t arrive late. Arriving late gives the hiring manager a bad first impression of you before you’ve even met them. As such, it’s important to be punctual. In fact, you should ideally arrive at least ten minutes early.
  • Don’t slouch or fidget. Your body language can say a lot about yourself. To ensure you’re sending the right message, try to avoid fidgeting, slouching, crossing your arms, or other behaviors that can make you look nervous, closed-off, or unconfident.

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