Top 10 Tips to Find a Dental Associateship

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Looking for the right dental associateship can be stressful and time consuming, but Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities is here to help you get started, and our service is 100% FREE to job seekers.

Here are our top 10 tips to help you begin your dental associateship search, plus how we can help:

Tip #1 – Determine your goals, objectives, and priorities (e.g., What are your financial needs? Do you want a practice ownership opportunity?)
Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities will convey the practice’s compensation structure and offer to you. Although many aspects of the offer may be negotiable, the information gives you a basic understanding of their plan. It also may give you the ability to determine if it meets your financial needs before you interview with the practice. In addition to the compensation, Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities provides full practice opportunity information to consider.

Tip #2 – Start early (i.e., Start six months to one year prior to availability.)
We recommend that you begin your search early to find the best opportunity. It can take time to find an interesting position, interview, and credential before you are eligible to begin practicing. More time may be required if relocation is necessary. If you are employed, you should allow time for notice to your current employer. You also want to increase time for your search if ownership is your goal. There is additional due diligence required to purchase a practice. Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities will guide you through the entire process and help you make the right choice.

Tip #3 – Prepare a professional curriculum vitae and cover letter (Check spelling and grammar)
Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities can assist you in preparing a curriculum vitae. We have many years of experience assisting dental practices with recruiting. And, we have knowledge of the type of curriculum vitae that dental practices are looking for and can even help you with a good cover letter to capture their attention.

Tip #4 – Reach out to potential references (i.e., Ask their permission, confirm contact information)
References are very important in your search for a dental associateship. Many potential employers check references before offering a position. Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities will help you properly prepare and manage your references.

Tip #5 – Before an interview, research the practice and owners/principals (e.g., social media, website)
In utilizing Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities’ informative practice data, you will have access to the practice name, owners, and principals to assist in your research of the practice.

Tip #6 – Prepare questions for the interview (i.e., Don’t forget that you are interviewing them too)
Questions that you should ask during your interview are provided to you by Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities through the practice profile. The exclusive practice profile was created with the candidate’s interview in mind.

Tip #7 – Make sure the practice is ready for an associate (e.g., Do they have the space, equipment, support staff, and a sufficient number of patients?)
Information about the readiness of a practice to add an associate is necessary. Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities provides much of that information prior to your interview. At the same time, Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities will help you gather any additional information required to determine the practice’s readiness for an associate.

Tip #8 – Ask for the next steps and timing at the end of the interview
Once you have an interview with a practice, it is best to plan your next step. This is an excellent time to set up the next meeting or conversation. Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities also communicates with the practice on your behalf to keep you fresh in their mind.

Tip #9 – Send a “Thank You” after the interview (Mailing a personal note is best.)
Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities suggests that you follow an interview with a “thank you.” It is acceptable to send an email, but a handwritten note is much more personal.

Tip #10 – Align your resources. Be ready for an opportunity. (i.e., Find an attorney for employment agreement review)
There are numerous resources to assist in your search for an associateship. You should use all of them to maximize your chance for success. Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities offers you the benefit of considering many opportunities through one resource. By offering you informative practice profiles, you can determine the best fit for you with very little time invested. Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities will streamline the search for you!

Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities is available to help you find the dental associateship that is perfect for you. Our service is 100% FREE.

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